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   5 Years of Excellent Service   

We are an upscale family owned establishment that specializes in a variety of exquisite unique pastries for all occasions.

Pritzy Pastries was established in 2013, I started with a small vision and a passion. Baking was never anything I planned on doing as a career it was just so natural to me. Now here we are today constantly growing with new clients everyday. I am by far amazed from how far we have come. Perfecting our recipes and adding to our menu has been our main goal each and everyday. Pleasing our clients is what makes Pritzy Pastries so great. We exceed expectations! We work with local and national suppliers to source the freshest most authentic ingredients, and ensuring the highest quality of pastries. All fruit that we use is picked from a home grown garden. Our goal is to provide the best pastry in the world that keep you coming back for more.

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