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Shipping Policy

I'm a shipping policy.The turnaround period for Shipping is 1-2 weeks for all desserts other than PritzyJars and takes up to 2-3 business days to receive your product .It's very important to Place these orders at least two weeks in advance. The only products that can't be shipped on Our menu is Cakes ,Cupcakes ,Pies ,Strawberries ,Pineapples, & Banana pudding pans. All PritzyJars with any fruit included CANNOT be shipped.The banana pudding is available in the form  of a jar.All PritzyJar orders only are standard 5  business days in total to process and receive your product.  All shipped products are tightly wrapped with bubble wrap and  kept cold with wet resistant gel packs which are reusable. All shipping will directly be through USPS. Expect a email regarding tracking of your product after several business days of processing the order.

Refunds Policy
Unfortunately Due to orders being custom made there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Our goal is to satisfy all of our clients needs and we will always work hard to do so.
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